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Android Developer

The ideal applicant must have analytical skills in meeting the functional and application requirements of such modules. He/she must be resourceful and a problem solver in terms of application necessities.

iOS Developer

Our company is looking for a systematical and logical iOS developer that can construct applications such as Restful API and mobile app interfaces like Adobe XD, Swift, etc. The applicant must be deadline oriented and independent.

PHP Laravel Developer

The PHP Laravel is responsible for creating standards compliant, semantic, and web interfaces. He/She must also be a strong communicator for writing and documenting such needs. The applicant must be widely resourceful and can work independently.

UI/UX Laravel Developer

The UI/UX Laravel Developer must contain knowledge in PHP Laravel Framework and CSS/SASS. The applicant is responsible for designing and developing functional and system requirements. Therefore, he/she must be a team player and self-learner.

In-House Photographer

Our Marketing Department is looking for a creative and motivated In-House Photographer that specializes in Photography. The In-House Photographer will perform custom and specialized photography. He/She must work independently and has technical understanding of taking photos and photo enhancement.

Accounting Manager

Our company is looking for an analytical and strategic Accounting Manager that can oversee the financial aspects of the company. The Accounting Manager is responsible for submitting accurate and on time reports adhering to the rules and regulations set by the company and confidentiality of all transactions. He or She will be part of the core team in digitalization.

Content Creator

Our company is looking for a detail-oriented and social media savvy Content Creator to deliver highly engaging social media content and outputs. The Content Creator will focus on planning, conceptualizing, and creating engaging materials and updating the existing ones. He/She must identify new ways to reach customers and execute strategies to drive the audience’s engagement on our social media channels and website. It is also the Content Creator’s job to contribute to shaping the company’s brand identity.

UI/UX Graphic Designer

Our company is looking for a dynamic, highly creative, and detail-oriented UI/UX Graphic Designer to develop mockups for the company’s various digital assets. The GD will create visual concepts using graphic design tools to produce web design mockups and ensure that the key elements are optimized to improve user experience and achieve an exceptional user interface. He/She will also support the Content Creator in developing engaging social media content for the marketing and business aspects of the organization.

Video Creator/Editor

Our company is hiring a talented and experienced Video Creator/Editor to pitch video concepts and storyboards, lead the internal production team, and apply artistic video editing techniques. The Video Creator/Editor must be insightful and procedural to clearly explain visual concepts patterned with the branding guidelines.